Blueberry Topping
THM:FP, low carb, low fat, sugar free, gluten/egg/dairy/nut free
Serves: 3 cups
  1. Whisk the ingredients together in a saucepan and bring to a boil. (Add the glucomannan while whisking so it doesn't clump.) Take the blueberry topping off the stove, let it cool, then refrigerate it overnight to thicken. Stir before serving to make it more of a sauce consistency.
*If using a beef gelatin such as THM Just Gelatin or Great Lakes brand, add an extra ¼ tsp. gelatin.
I decided to use mostly gelatin instead of a larger amount of glucomannan to thicken this sauce because I know some people don't like the texture of glucomannan. I personally prefer the taste and texture of toppings like this thickened mostly with gelatin, but if you prefer glucomannan, feel free to use it exclusively and omit the gelatin. I'd start with ½ tsp. of glucomannan (add it while whisking so it doesn't clump), then add additional glucomannan in ⅛ tsp. increments if necessary until the desired thickness is reached. Remember that the sauce will continue to thicken up as it cools.
Because this sauce is thickened mostly with gelatin, it is meant for use with cold items. If it gets warm, it will lose its gelled properties.
Recipe by Briana Thomas at