Candy Cane Ice Cream
THM:S, low carb, sugar free, gluten free | For a nut-free version, try substituting carton coconut milk for the unsweetened almond milk. Most people with tree nut allergies can have coconut products, but confirm with your doctor first.
Serves: 1½ qt. (12½-cup servings)
  1. Blend the first set of ingredients until smooth (I use an immersion blender) and cook in a nonstick kettle just until the mixture starts to bubble, whisking often. As soon as it starts to bubble, pull it off the heat.
  2. Add the cream, sweetener, glycerin, and extracts. Peppermint extracts can vary in strength, so start with less than 1 teaspoon and work your way up, tasting as you go. Blend these ingredients into the ice cream base; I use an immersion blender so I don't have to blend hot liquids in a covered blender. Let the ice cream base cool to room temperature, then refrigerate to chill completely before churning (overnight is great).
  3. Churn the ice cream in a 1½ - qt. automatic countertop ice cream churn according to manufacturer's directions. Transfer to a shallow sealable container and swirl 5-6 drops of red food coloring into the ice cream with a spatula for a candy cane effect. Freeze to firm up before serving. Ice cream frozen for long periods will freeze hard, but when stored in a shallow container, it thaws to scoopable consistency in about 10 minutes on the kitchen counter!
*I don't recommend replacing the xylitol with a more concentrated sweetener. The sugar alcohols help keep the ice cream from freezing so hard. I haven't tried erythritol and don't know if it has the same properties as xylitol or not. I prefer the taste of xylitol but you're welcome to experiment with other options.
**I don't recommend omitting the vegetable glycerin either. It helps keep the ice cream from sticking to the ice cream maker and vastly improves the creamy texture of the ice cream. We buy this brand from Amazon.
-Glucomannan brands can vary in strength, so if yours is on the strong side and you think it makes this ice cream slimy or masks too much flavor, feel free to decrease the amount (don't omit). This was the amount that worked best for me; I use Konjac Foods brand glucomannan.
-Feel free to add some crushed sugar-free peppermints or a chocolate ganache swirl to take it over the top! The Plain Hot Fudge Sauce (pg. 413) or Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Topping (pg. 414) from my cookbook would be great toppings.
Recipe by Briana Thomas at