Chocolate Cranberry Almond Porridge
Between the chia seeds and gelatin you have close to 20g protein, and there are 12g fiber in those chia seeds as well! | THM:S, low carb, sugar free, gluten/egg/dairy free (allergy info does not include toppings) | For a nut-free version, use carton coconut milk in place of unsweetened almond milk. Most people with nut allergies can have coconut products, but check with your doctor first to make sure. From what I read, most almond extracts are safe for people with nut allergies, but do your own research and omit if in doubt.
Serves: 1
  1. Grind the chia seeds to powder in a coffee grinder.
  2. Whisk the dry ingredients (including the chia powder) in a small saucepan. Add the wet ingredients and whisk again until smooth. Bring to a boil to thicken, then simmer for 5-10 minutes or until the cranberries are softened to your liking. (Whisk occasionally.)
  3. Serve with your choice of toppings!
I used THM Just Gelatin in this recipe for protein. I don’t recommend substituting Knox gelatin in this case because you’ll taste it. If you don’t have beef gelatin, you could substitute collagen in its place.
Recipe by Briana Thomas at