Mango Soft Serve for One
THM E, low fat, no sugar added, gluten/egg/nut free (as written)
Serves: 1
  1. Blend the ingredients together until smooth, then enjoy! You can pop it in the freezer for a bit if you want it to be firmer, but I like it right after blending.
  2. I actually used an immersion blender to make this, but a regular blender with a tamper or even a food processor would probably work. If you have trouble blending the mixture because it's too thick, try an immersion blender (really, it works!) or add some almond milk. If you do this it will be runnier so you'll probably need to pop it in the freezer after blending to firm it up a bit.
I know many of you are going to look at this recipe and say, "Nope - don't like cottage cheese." To me, the mango does a great job of hiding the cottage cheese flavor, but if the idea weirds you out or you can indeed taste the cottage cheese and don't like it, try substituting part or all of the cottage cheese with low-fat Greek yogurt for a frozen yogurt version. I prefer the creaminess of cottage cheese to the tanginess of Greek yogurt so the cottage cheese version will always be my personal pick.
Strawberry and mango pair very well together, so feel free to use part frozen mango chunks, part frozen strawberries! I get my frozen mango from Walmart.
Recipe by Briana Thomas at