5 New Ways to Eat Your Eggs (in 5 Extra Ingredients or Less)
THM:S, low carb, sugar free
Serves: 1 serving
  1. Philly Cheesesteak: coconut oil, eggs, salt, pepper, mushrooms, onions, swiss cheese, steak sauce
  2. You can either sauté the mushrooms and onions in with the eggs or separately. Top with grated swiss cheese and steak sauce.
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  4. Pizza: coconut oil, eggs, salt, pepper, garlic in some form (I like the crushed garlic in the jar from Trader Joe's), oregano, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni (You could also add tomato sauce and/or veggies like onions, peppers, mushrooms, and olives if you're ambitious. I was not.)
  5. Stir the garlic and oregano into the eggs while you're scrambling them. Top with mozzarella and pepperoni slices.
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  7. Tex-Mex: coconut oil, eggs, salt, pepper, garlic, lemon pepper, chili powder, sour cream, salsa (optional: top with sautéed veggies, hot sauce, cheese if you want to go all out)
  8. Sauté the eggs with the garlic, lemon pepper, and chili powder. Top with sour cream and salsa.
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  10. Cinnamon Roll: eggs, salt, pepper, vanilla, unsweetened almond milk, Truvia, cinnamon, butter (optional additions: whipped cream and chopped 85% dark chocolate)
  11. Scramble the eggs with a dash of vanilla and a little unsweetened almond milk. Top with a sprinkle of Truvia or other sweetener of choice and some cinnamon. Melt a pat of butter on the top. If you want to go super-indulgent, add a little whipped cream and chopped 85% dark chocolate on top.
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  13. Buffalo: eggs, salt, pepper, butter, hot sauce, cheese
  14. Scramble the eggs until mostly set, then add butter and hot sauce to coat and finish cooking (don't overcook!). Top with cheese.
Recipe by Briana Thomas at https://www.briana-thomas.com/5-new-ways-to-eat-your-eggs-in-5-extra-ingredients-or-less/