Pipable Whipped Cream Frosting
THM:S, low carb, sugar free, gluten/egg/nut free
  1. Add the cream, stevia, salt, vanilla, and any additional colorings or extracts to a mixing bowl.
  2. Whisk the gelatin into the hot water just until dissolved, then pour it into the cream mixture and start beating it with a hand mixer immediately. Beat until a stiff whipped cream texture is reached. Frost your desired (chilled) item or chill the frosting a bit to firm up a little before using it for piping. Yields enough frosting to frost the outside of a 2 layer cake.
*If using a granulated sweetener, powder it before using it in this recipe.
**I recommend using Knox gelatin in this frosting because I've found it to dissolve better than Great Lakes or THM Just Gelatin. If you decide to use one of the latter two, add an extra ¼ tsp. because they're not quite as strong as Knox gelatin.
This recipe was updated July 12th, 2016.
Recipe by Briana Thomas at https://www.briana-thomas.com/pipable-whipped-cream-frosting/