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Sugar Free Hot Chocolate & Chocolate Milk Mix


This sugar free hot chocolate mix is so easy to make and only takes four ingredients! Chocolate milk made with this hot chocolate mix is Hadassah’s favorite snack right now.

The mix itself is a THM Fuel Pull, and the fuel type of the hot chocolate or chocolate milk will be determined by the type of liquid you use to make it. (Find detailed notes about that in the recipe below.) This drink is not a sipper and is meant to be enjoyed with a meal or as a snack. (It does contain protein of its own due to the collagen.)

This hot chocolate mix makes a great gift! Give jars of it away for Christmas with cute labels and a ribbon tied around the top if you’re feeling fancy.



Whisk the ingredients together and store in a sealed container at room temperature. Make a test cup of hot chocolate and adjust the mix to your taste.

I like to use 3 tablespoons of mix per 1 ½ cups (12 ounces) of liquid when making hot chocolate, but adjust according to the strength you prefer. I don’t necessarily make my daughter’s chocolate milk as strong as my own. And I don’t know that I would make chocolate milk as strong as I would hot chocolate. Add to taste.

MY FAVE: For the liquid, I like to use 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup half and half, and a dash of vanilla. This would be a light S, Trim Healthy Mamas. Use all almond milk instead of almond milk and water for an even creamier result. I don’t recommend using just water to make this hot chocolate mix. Not gonna lie – I do like the addition of a bit of dairy (like half and half) for optimal creaminess.

FUEL PULL/DEEP S/DAIRY FREE: For a Fuel Pull hot chocolate, use 1 cup unsweetened almond milk and ½ cup water. This would be Deep S compliant as well, although it doesn’t contain any of its own fat. This is a good option for dairy free folks. (Don’t use all almond milk in this case because 1 cup is the limit in a Fuel Pull setting.)

FOR CHILDREN: For my daughter’s chocolate milk I just use regular dairy milk, but this isn’t advised for adults who would like to lose weight.

This mix makes great hot chocolate or chocolate milk! It does dissolve best in liquids that aren’t cold. For hot chocolate I heat the liquid first, then whisk in the mix. For making chocolate milk with cold liquid, blending will give you the best result without clumps. For my daughter’s chocolate milk I usually heat the milk just a bit to take the cold edge off of it, then add the chocolate powder and shake to mix. It dissolves better this way than in milk cold right out of the fridge.


Collagen: This adds bulk, creaminess, and protein; I don’t recommend omitting it. (Doing so would drastically change how much mix you would use.) You can try using whey protein powder or plant protein powder in its place, but the taste is on you. I prefer the lack of flavor of collagen – and it’s dairy free for those of you who need that. That being said, whey protein powder would probably make for a creamier hot chocolate mix (similar to a dry milk powder in a standard hot chocolate mix).

Sweetener: I recommend making a test cup and then adding more sweetener to the mix if desired. Use THM Gentle Sweet instead of THM Super Sweet Blend if you want a more true sugar taste. (THM’s sweetener conversion chart recommends using 3x the amount of Gentle Sweet as Sweet Blend, but that sounds high to me so I’d start with less, then taste and adjust.) Keep in mind that if you change the volume of sweetener in the recipe, you may need to add more or less chocolate mix to your cup to compensate for strength.

This is a great family hot chocolate! Heat up the desired amount of liquid in a pot on the stove, then whisk in the chocolate mix to your desired strength. You’ll get the best flavor adding the mix after heating the liquid. Cocoa powder gets more bitter when heated, and sweetness dissipates with cooking.

Allergy info (for mix only): gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free – use liquids that fit your particular allergies. Carton coconut milk may be a good option if you’re nut free but can have coconut products. Some full fat canned coconut milk may be a good addition for a more decadent hot chocolate if you can’t add a splash of dairy like half and half or cream.

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 2 mins
  • Category: Hot Drinks
  • Method: Mix
  • Cuisine: THM Fuel Pull, low carb, low fat, sugar free

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