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Strawberry Kefir Shake


This Strawberry Kefir Shake is super thick – almost a soft serve consistency! Using frozen berries or fruit as part of the ice gives it a great texture without being bland and icy. Use this recipe as the perfect kefir shake base for all kinds of flavor creations! In the notes below you’ll find out how to make this shake a THM S (low carb), THM E (low fat), or THM Fuel Pull (low carb and low fat).


Basic THM Fuel Pull Strawberry Kefir Shake:

Optional additions (to taste):

  • spinach (FP)
  • cream cheese (S)
  • sugar free chocolate chips or 85% dark chocolate (S)
  • cocoa powder (FP)
  • natural peanut butter (S)
  • defatted peanut flour (FP)
  • cardamom (FP)
  • almond extract (FP)
  • fresh strawberry chunks (FP)
  • collagen for extra protein (FP)
  • squirt of Reddi-wip on top (FP)


  1. Add all the strawberry kefir shake ingredients to a blender, adding the glucomannan right before blending so it doesn’t clump. Blend until smooth. Let the shake sit in the blender for 30 seconds, then blend again to get an even nicer consistency. I use a Vitamix blender and a tamper to make this shake because it’s pretty thick. A good blender makes all the difference for a good shake!
  2. Feel free to adjust the sweetness and thickness of the shake as desired. The combination of Sweet Blend and stevia was perfect for me, but a lot of people like more sweetener than I do. The shake is almost a soft serve consistency, so you can leave out some of the ice if you want a thinner shake.


Additions: leave the shake plain or jazz it up with some of the additions listed. Some additions should be blended in completely (like spinach or cocoa powder) while others (like strawberry or chocolate chunks) might be better just pulsed a few times to get the texture you want. Check out the kefir note to find out how the type of kefir you use will affect the THM fuel type of the shake base. Fuel Pull additions can be added to any type of shake base. S additions can be added to an S or FP base. If you add an S addition to the Fuel Pull shake base, the shake will become an S. Adding S additions (fats) to an E (carbs) shake base will give you a THM Crossover.

Kefir: the type of kefir you use determines the fuel type of the shake base. Double fermented low fat kefir will give you a THM Fuel Pull. Double fermented full fat kefir will give you a THM S. Regular single fermented low fat kefir (like most store bought kefir) that has not been double fermented will give you a THM E. CLICK HERE to find out more about double fermenting kefir. It basically just reduces the carbs in the kefir.

Berries/fruit: the strawberries (or whatever berries or fruit you choose to use) need to be frozen. This is what gives the shake such a great thick texture without being bland and icy!

Sweetener: feel free to use your favorite low glycemic sweetener to taste in place of the THM Super Sweet Blend and THM Pure Stevia Extract Powder. I find that stevia pairs well with the flavors of fruit/berries and kefir and it’s very economical because it’s so super concentrated!

Glucomannan: I’ve tried this shake with and without glucomannan and it’s good both ways. Glucomannan adds thickness and creaminess and also makes you feel full longer. This shake is plenty thick on its own without the glucomannan so it’s not absolutely necessary in this recipe. Xanthan gum can typically be substituted for glucomannan in equal amounts.

This is a great basic kefir shake recipe! Raspberries would be a great Fuel Pull option to replace the strawberries. Fruits like mango, peaches, or cherries are great for a THM E shake! Combinations like strawberry pineapple, strawberry banana, and strawberry mango would also be great THM E options. You may need to adjust the sweetener up or down depending on the sweetness of the fruit or berries you’re using.

Allergy info: (for shake without add-ins) gluten free, egg free, nut free

The nutrition info is calculated for the basic recipe without add-ins, but since it’s so hard to quantify how much fermentation affects the carb count of the kefir (especially if you double ferment your kefir), I’ve just used the nutrition info from low fat store bought single fermented kefir (the THM E option) in my calculations. The actual carb counts are likely much lower, especially if you double ferment your kefir. Serene uses 2 cups of double fermented kefir in the Yuck Yum Bitty recipe in Trim Healthy Table, so my basic kefir shake recipe above falls well within THM S/FP guidelines.

  • Category: shake
  • Method: blender
  • Cuisine: THM S (low carb), THM E (low fat), and THM Fuel Pull (low carb and low fat) options, sugar free

Keywords: trim healthy mama, gluten free, egg free, nut free, easy, double fermented, 5 ingredient, no special ingredients