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Strawberry Jam – Ball Freezer Pectin


This sugar free strawberry jam made with Ball Freezer Pectin only takes 4 simple ingredients! No cooking required – you’ll only need a whisk. The recipe is easy to multiply for larger quantities, but I don’t recommend making more than 3 batches (6 cups of puree) at a time.

Trim Healthy Mamas, Ball Freezer Pectin is not THM friendly due to the fillers in the pectin. I’m including this recipe in this post because it’s so easy and it’s a good option for folks who aren’t following Trim Healthy Mama but still want an easy sugar free strawberry jam that is much healthier than normal.

Please note: this jam recipe may not be entirely reliable since this type of pectin usually needs sugar to set. (That being said, it’s always worked for me.)

This jam has really good flavor! It tastes like what my mom always made when I was growing up. The set is on the softer side compared to the other recipes in this post.

This is a freezer jam.



Sweeten to taste. Whisk the ingredients together for 3 minutes. Pour into freezer containers. Let stand for 30 minutes before putting into the freezer.


You can find Ball Freezer Pectin at Walmart.

Check out the blog post above for answers to sugar free jam FAQs.

As I said above, this option may not be entirely reliable since this type of pectin usually needs sugar to set. You CAN find Sure Jell pectin at Walmart or a local grocery store that is made for use with little or no sugar. This isn’t on plan for THM either due to fillers, but it would probably be more reliable than the pectin that I used. (I just wanted to use what I had on hand.) I have not personally tried it and you may need to make adjustments to the amount/process if using a different type of pectin. Most pectins come with instructions and tables about how much pectin to use for how much fruit, so you should easily be able to make up your own recipe. You can use my recipe here as a guide for how much sweetener to use for how much fruit.

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 0 mins
  • Category: Condiments
  • Method: Freezing
  • Cuisine: Sugar Free

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